Playing Games at 7th City

Play all day, only pay once

When you come to the shop, before you settle down for your activity of choice, you’ll pay your £3 at the till. Whatever game you’re there to play, you can game all day. There are no time limits and you can play as many different games as you like. A game of 40k at lunchtime, casual Magic at 3pm and D&D at 7pm? No problem, you only pay once!

Playing in events

Playing in an event? There won’t be an additional fee for taking part.

Campaigns and demos will be free

Many of you may have attended our Warhammer 40k campaign before gaming was suspended. Well fear not, store campaigns shall be returning to 7th City and will be FREE. Fancy a demo for a new game? Don’t worry teaching games are still on us!

Booking a table

Table booking facilities are coming soon! We expect there to be a high demand for tables, especially as we’ll be operating with reduced capacity!

Become a Citizen

Become a 7th Citizen and play for FREE! Citizens also get free table bookings! You’ll still pay the £3 to reserve your table however you’ll get the money back in store credit once you arrive to the store. There are also loads of other cool benefits including access to limited products and priority booking for events. Grab a membership below: